Farrah Abraham is proudly working on her various companies when she's not filming "Teen Mom OG," but she is ready to explore all kinds of options that come her way. After her Adult Films, Farrah launched an adult toy line as her sex tapes had been so successful. Her other companies have nothing to do with her sex industry experience, but Abraham jumps on an opportunity when she sees it. On "Teen Mom OG," she revealed she had been asked to speak at the SXSW event and fans believed that she was turning things around. She had expressed that she was embarrassed about the sex tape.

But when she announced an event where she would show off her new vagina after having a rejuvenation procedure done, fans were confused.

According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham is now revealing that she finds the event hilarious. It took place this week and it sounds like she didn't mind spreading her legs to show off the final result. She was probably being paid to promote the procedure. Fans of "Teen Mom OG" started questioning why she would do this, especially since she's the mother of a young girl who is starting to understand what her mother is doing.

Different direction

When Farrah filmed the adult films, her "Teen Mom OG" co-stars threatened to leave the show behind because they didn't want to be on the same show as someone who willingly filmed porn.

The producers tried to film the show without Farrah, but they eventually invited her back. The girls eventually accepted that the producers didn't want to cut Abraham out. But this decision to do this live event on the internet may influence whether these girls will continue to film the show.

Breaking the internet

After the video aired, Farrah Abraham proudly announced that people who had bought access to see her private parts had managed to shut down the site twice.

People really wanted to see what this "Teen Mom OG" star was doing. It has been a few years since she released her two adult films, and she appeared to regret the decision to film them. But perhaps she got a good offer, as she proudly revealed that the website had been shut down twice during the event.

It sounds like Farrah is excited about this event, possibly because it made her lots of money.

One can imagine she scored quite the paycheck for filming her private parts.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham's tweets about her shutting down the website twice after revealing her vagina for the world to see? Are you surprised that people are paying money for this?