Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her son a few weeks ago and the little boy is nearing his 6-week birthday. Throughout her pregnancy, Lowry struggled to find a unique name for the little boy. She wanted something that was different and original, but not too crazy so people couldn't pronounce it. Her followers came up with a long list of ideas, but she never revealed whether she chose any of them. Lowry didn't discuss the baby name as much after the birth, even though her "Teen Mom 2" fans really wanted to know what she had settled on.

For weeks, fans felt they had a right to know the name as they had helped her with various suggestions.

In the state of Delaware, Lowry actually has 90 days before she has to choose a name, so she has plenty of time to come up with a name. But it sounds like Lowry has already picked a name and is working on a special way to announce it to the world.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she has picked a name - and it isn't what fans believe it to be. Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that she had indeed picked a name for the baby, but she quickly denied those rumors, revealing that the name she has picked isn't known to the world.

No longer Murphy Nixon

Last week, Kailyn Lowry shared a photo with the name "Murphy Nixon" written on it and fans immediately assumed that this was the baby's name.

People thought it was adorable and people reached out to Kailyn to congratulate her on the baby name. But Lowry denied that she had picked that specific name. She said that this wasn't the one she had picked and fans went back to wondering what the baby's name would be.

For weeks, fans have been coming up with suggestions that perhaps she should name him something with "Lo" in it, like Milo, as she has been calling him Baby Lo since his birth.

While Milo was an option for her, Chris Lopez shut it down. He didn't want a son named Milo. One has to wonder if Chris has agreed on this new baby name.

Will make announcement soon

On Twitter, Kailyn Lowry announced that she would make an announcement soon so fans could learn the new name. But they will have to wait because Lowry wants to get his name customized on a blanket and then share the blanket on social media.

In other words, it could be another week or two before they learn the name of the baby.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry's decision to sharing the name on a customized blanket? Do you think her fans have waited long enough to learn the name of her little baby?