Farrah Abraham is a very ambitious woman and she has always been strong while filming "16 & Pregnant." Farrah had to grow up quick when she got pregnant with Sophia. Unlike her "Teen Mom OG" co-stars, Abraham was forced to raise Sophia on her own because her boyfriend Derek died in a car accident before they could start their life together with little Sophia. Farrah had to grow up overnight, as she was now a single mother at the age of 16. Of course, Abraham has made her fair share of mistakes over the past couple of years, as she has filed a police report about her mother's violent behavior, she has been caught in a fight with a knife, and she filmed two adult films for a million dollars.

Perhaps Farrah felt that she needed to do these videos because she knew the money could change her life and the life of her daughter. She knew that if she could get a million dollars, she could launch the company she always wanted, and she could give her daughter what she wanted. However, based on what fans are seeing, it sounds like Sophia may need to start sharing her personal items. According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham is now being questioned whether she's pregnant. This past week, Abraham and her daughter walked the runway for a fashion show and some fans saw Farrah potentially sporting a Baby Bump.

Is she truly with child?

"Are u preggo again Farrah? I see a baby bump!!" one person wrote to Farrah Abraham as she shared a picture of herself with her daughter.

The dress may sit oddly on Farrah's body to hint that there's a child in her belly. It seems like some people are trying to start a rumor, as it would be odd if Abraham was pregnant. This week, she filmed a video of her private parts where she showed off the results of her vaginal rejuvenation procedure she had done. One can imagine she wouldn't have that done if she was pregnant.

Never expressed interest in another child

Some of her "Teen Mom" co-stars have expressed interest in having other children. Many of her co-stars do have more children, some of which have three children. Farrah Abraham is one of the only stars on the show who only has the child she gave birth to on "16 & Pregnant." On the show, Farrah hasn't expressed any interest in having more kids.

She did push Simon Saran to propose, but he never did. She wanted the security of a relationship, but never talked about having more children with a husband.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham possibly being pregnant? Are you surprised that fans see a baby bump?