Josh Flagg shocked everyone during the "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" season eight premiere when he revealed that he and his former fiance, Colton Thorn, had parted ways after nearly a decade together. Then, just weeks later, fans received an even bigger surprise when they were introduced to the reality star's new boyfriend, Bobby Boyd.

As Flagg and Boyd, who have known one another for some time, embark on a new romance, fans are seeing the early moments of their relationship play out on the show and during tonight's new episode, fans will watching as Boyd is introduced to Flagg's parents at their home in Los Angeles.

In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, which was shared on Bravo TV's official website days ago, things appear to get off to a rocky start.

Things get awkward between Josh Flagg's boyfriend and his parents

"Should we do a cheers?" Boyd asks Flagg's mom and dad. "No, just drink," his dad replies.

Following the awkward moment, Josh Flagg informs his parents that Boyd is in real estate. "I own a small real estate development company. We build mid to high-rise luxury buildings... It's a lot of fun," Boyd explains as Flagg's mom looks on.

Bobby Boyd wants children

As the tension subsides, the questions begin and after learning that Boyd is from a small beach town called Pacifica, he is asked about his future plans for a family.

"I would love to have kids," he explains, immediately prompting Flagg's dad to jokingly offer Boyd one of his own.

Josh Flagg is engaged

Although it is unclear whether or not Flagg will propose during an episode of "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles," the reality star revealed on Instagram in July that he and Boyd became engaged during a trip to Paris, France over the summer.

So far, however, no official plans have been revealed as to when and where they will wed.

To see more of the blooming romance between Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd, tune in to tonight's new episode of "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles," which airs at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.