Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell just got married and the "Counting On" stars couldn't be happier. Now the happy couple is speaking out about their first kiss. If you remember, the Duggar couples never kiss until their actual wedding day, which is what this happy couple just did. They have been together a while but always had a chaperone with them.

Joe and Kendra share their thoughts

Joseph shared in a video posted from TLC. They took this video right after the wedding and he shared that they had just tied the knot. The fans didn't think that they would be getting married right away and expected to hear the news in October.

The couple shared about the big kiss."That was-" he began. "Amazing," Kendra Caldwell said. "You always have expectations of the first kiss but it blew all those expectations away. It was amazing." Now that they are married Joseph and Kendra will be able to kiss whenever they want to. The Duggars always make sure to have chaperones with them and not do anything sexual at all before marriage. They only hold hands with each other once they are engaged to each other. They don't even give front hugs.

Kendra went on to explain that they had just said their vows to each other and she felt like it was a super sweet time to share their first kiss. Of course, this was in front of everyone. Jessa and Ben Seewald were the only couple who went and kissed each other in another room where everyone couldn't see them.

What is next for this couple?

Joe and Kendra will now get to enjoy married life and see how things go for them. This means moving out together and starting their lives. They should also be on the show "Counting On" a lot more than they used to be. They are looking forward to serving the Lord and raising their own family, so don't be surprised if you hear about babies coming from this couple soon.

The Duggars don't normally wait very long to have babies. Joseph also admitted that he started crying when he saw Kendra walking down the aisle. It sounds like they had a great wedding and the fans can't wait to see it.

Are you surprised that the Duggars wait until they are married to share their first kiss? Do you think that Joe and Kendra will announce a pregnancy soon?

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