J.J. Abrams was announced as the new director and writer for ''Star Wars: Episode Ix'', after Colin Trevorrow ''parted ways'' with Lucasfilm.

Colin Trevorrow 'too difficult'

Trevorrow was thought to be the perfect choice to direct the third chapter of the ''sequel'' trilogy. Trevorrow's departure seemed very unlikely considering its only been a few months since the directors of the Han Solo film were fired over disagreements about the film's tone. Lucasfilm hired Ron Howard to replace the former directors and finish the job.

Starwars.com states that Lucasfilm had a wonderful collaboration with Collin throughout the development process but they have come to the conclusion that their visions of the movie don't share many similarities.

According to sources, Trevorrow was fired by the head of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy. She claimed that Trevorrow was ''too difficult'' to work with, as evidenced in his approach to both ''Jurassic World'' and the critically mauled ''The Book of Henry''.

J.J. 'The Chosen One' Abrams

As stated on starwars.com, J.J. Abrams is returning to complete the trilogy as director and writer of ''Star Wars: Episode IX''. It was Abrams who started off the new era of ''Star Wars'' with ''The Force Awakens'' back in 2015. He will co-write the movie with Chris Terrio. Alongside Abrams, the movie is going to be produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Michelle Rejwan, Bad Robot and Lucasfilm.

J.J. Abrams wasn't the only option for the director's chair.

Other candidates were the ''Episode VII: The Last Jedi'' director Rian Johnson, as well as the first name of ''Star Wars'', George Lucas.

According to sources, Johnson refused the role. Seeing Abrams as the best alternative, Lucasfilm chose him as he is an already proven filmmaker. Kathleen Kennedy said that with ''The Force Awakens'' J.J.

managed to deliver everything we hoped for and that she is very happy to see him working with Lucasfilm once again.

Fan community reaction

Being a part of the Star Wars Fan Community, I can say that J.J's interpretation of ''Episode VII: The Force Awakens'' was amazing. Although some critics state that the similarity between ''A New Hope'' and 'The Force Awakens'' is too big, the movie brought us many novelties that we appreciate.

The ''Star Wars franchise'' is finally heading in a good direction after the ''prequel'' trilogy. Even though they weren't bad, their overall quality was poor compared to the ''Originals''. J.J. brought us characters like Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren, who became instant fan-favorites and we cannot wait to see them on the big screen once again.

Star Wars: Episode IX will premiere on the 20th December 2019