The secret of healing with the help of dogs and cats is partly hidden in their ability to stimulate our positive emotions, which speeds up recovery processes. Namely, their presence is extremely beneficial for our body. A study by Australian Institute Baker Medical Research, conducted on about six thousand people, confirmed that pet owners on average have lower blood pressure and lower blood cholesterol levels, thus being less at risk of heart attacks. It is also interesting to note that dog saliva contains the enzyme lysozyme, which destroys most of the bacteria, healing wounds quicker.

As for cats, it seems that the frequency produced by purring stimulates the secretion of anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body, ultimately suppressing or alleviating inflammatory processes. The same frequencies work against all types of pain. For example, if the cat lies close to the head of a person who is currently suffering from a migraine attack, according to a number of examinees, the pain will disappear. It has also been established that people recover quickly from bone and ankle surgery if they spend a certain amount of time with a cat in their lap.

Household helpers

Specially trained dogs can perform tasks that a person with Parkinson's disease cannot and thus maintain their independence.

They can pick up thrown items or retrieve the requested ones. They can provide balance, open and close doors, and turn on the light with their paws. Visiting therapeutic dogs can help patients recover from disease or stroke. Some dogs are trained to understand a number of commands that allow them to help people with aphasia.

Dogging can help a patient regain strength while recovering from stroke or other illnesses. It also creates a sense of peace.

Exercise buddies

People who have dogs are physically active and more fit than other people. Daily walking with the dog for about 30 minutes will provide minimal recommendations for healthy body activity.

Taking a 15-minute walk twice, in the morning and evening, will do the same thing. Playing with a dog will have an even better effect on your health. If you practice with your pet, both of you will benefit. Light the battery on the wall while you practice aerobics. The cat will chase after the light and have good fun. There are also yoga courses for people and their dogs.

Mood boosters

A short play with a dog or cat, or even watching fish swimming in the aquarium is enough to make you feel less upset and nervous. Your body goes through physical changes while playing, which affect the mood. The level of the cortisol hormone, which is associated with stress, is lowered. Reducing stress keeps your body from wasting.

Therapists can often recommend Pets as a way of solving and recovering from depression. Nobody likes as unconditionally as a pet. He will listen to you as much as you want to talk. The pampering of a cat or dog has a calming effect, while taking care of a pet helps you feel better.