While promoting his new documentary film, “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond,” at the recent Venice Film Festival, Jim Carrey talked about his take as Andy Kaufman in the 1999 biopic “Man on the Moon.” The 55-year-old star didn’t just simply portray as the iconic comedian, but he also embodied the late star’s personality.

The docu featured behind-the-scenes clip from Milos Forman’s classic movie that was originally shot for the film's electronic press kit, Decider reported. Also, it revealed the lengths “The Mask” star had taken to perfectly play his role as Kaufman.

Carrey immersed in playing as Kaufman

“It was psychotic at times,” Jim Carrey described his experience on portraying as Andy Kaufman in “Man on the Moon” (via Decider).

The “Dumb and Dumber” actor revealed that his real personality had been gone as he adapted Kaufman’s identity. In fact, playing that role even affected his portrayal as the Grinch.”

He narrated that he was so absorbed in playing as Kaufman that he ended being in a phone call with “Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas” director Ron Howard still in character as the late professional wrestler. Fortunately, the 63-year-old filmmaker just lets him. He continued to talk to him to give some points about their movie that time.

A genius author and invaluable actor

Jim Carrey continued to say that “Man on the Moon” real author was actually Andy Kaufman. He even described him as a true genius for being very committed to what he did.

With Kaufman’s writing, the actor admitted that he quickly lost himself in the process and easily adapted his character.

“I don’t feel like I made the film at all. I feel like Andy made the film,” he said.

His serious dedication in imbibing Kaufman’s role, fortunately, paid off as he won a Golden Globe award for his invaluable performance.

The alleged fake death of Kaufman

Andy Kaufman had been known as an extremely experimental comedian and performance artist.

The late actor-writer was also known for mysteriously putting his lines with vague impression between the reality and the surreal, Variety reported.

There are even rumors, up to this day, that Kaufman’s death was just staged, a big practical joke, although he reportedly died in 1984 because of lung cancer. He was 35 years old. As the hearsays have it, he might be making a comeback one of these days.

His works remain to have a cult following as he is still well respected in this industry for his original materials, exceptional performance and style, and his deep connection to his character.