Jennifer Lopez officially announced on Sunday that she's donating $1 million to help the hurricane victims of Puerto Rico and the caribbean. It was reported that her donation was proceeds of her recently concluded Las Vegas show. The famous Hollywood star was first to share her announcement on Twitter via a live stream.

In her statement, Lopez said, “Alex Rodriguez and I, who are both New Yorkers, are utilizing all our resources and relationships in the entertainment, sports and business to garner support for Puerto Rican and Caribbean relief efforts." Apart from their donations, she also revealed that the New York Yankees have committed to help the relief cause.

Additional relief efforts

According to a report from People, Lopez and her former husband, Marc Anthony, were reportedly working together as they spearhead the relief efforts for the hurricane victims of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Further, the Hollywood performer also announced that she is closely working with the Dallas Mavericks as they extended additional relief efforts to the displaced victims. Mark Cuban and J.J. Barea were among those personalities who have extended help as they filled the Puerto Rico with different supplies and generators.

With her movement to help these victims, Lopez added that she was moved by the response of these people. While asking celebrities to help them with their cause, Lopez added that none of them has refused to extend their help.

Raising awareness to Puerto Rico

Lopez revealed to People that she has not heard yet from all families in Puerto Rico.

Hence, she's doing the best that she can in order to extend help to all the victims affected by the storm. Lopez is wholeheartedly raising the awareness and funds that will help the people in Puerto Rico to start a new life again.

It was reported that the Hollywood star, together with her boyfriend, Alex, was doing personal calls as they tried to reach out for help to their celebrity friends.

The couple was reportedly asking aid from the different corporation heads to increase their funds for the victims of the devastating storm.

A source close to Lopez told the People that the couple was just among the big names of the Hollywood industry who pleaded their donations. As of now, J.Lo revealed that the devastation which hit the place was beyond belief. Perhaps, it's the most important thing on her mind to figure out the best way to help the affected families of the storm.