Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony reunited to celebrate the ninth birthday of their twins, Max and Emme. JLo's best friend Leah Remini posted a photo of the former couple, who are still the best of friends, years after their divorce. In the picture, Lopez, Anthony, Remini, and her husband, Angelo Pagan, are all smiles after what was likely a really fun evening -- check it out below!

Through thick and thin

JLo and Marc Anthony have been through a lot together and they continue to love and support each other to this day. Although their relationship didn't end up working out, they are both dedicated to their children and have a strong bond that is seemingly unbreakable.

Many have wondered if Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony would ever rekindle their romance but they seem to have moved past that. They are both respectful of each other's significant others (when there is one in the picture, that is) and have always managed to put their children first.

Recent breakups could mean more bonding

Lopez and Marc Anthony have both gone through splits recently that have been pretty serious. Anthony ended his marriage to his fourth wife, Shannon De Lima in December, filing for divorce just after Christmas. Meanwhile, Lopez split from her longtime boyfriend, Casper "Beau" Smart last summer. She was recently linked to rapper Drake but sources say that the two ended their fling in recent weeks.

Through all of the make-ups, the hook-ups, and the break-ups, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony just keep on keeping on.

Best friends in Hollywood

Lopez is lucky to have such a great friend in Leah Remini as well. The two have been very close for many years and have always been very supportive of one another. Lopez offered Remini a great deal of support when the "King of Queens" star decided to leave the Church Of Scientology, for example.

While they don't see each other super frequently, they do have a lot of laughs when they hang out and it's clear to see just how important their friendship is.

It's no surprise that Leah and Angelo were a part of Max and Emme's birthday celebration!