Jenelle Evans had been doing a countdown on her social media in regards to her Wedding day and fans were excited to see her wedding play out. On social media, Evans kept saying how excited she was about her big day, but she didn't share much the day before her wedding and on the day of her wedding. Of course, one can imagine she was busy with plenty of things, including the rehearsal dinner and getting all of the details ready. However, on social media, reports surfaced that Jenelle and David Eason were in a huge argument. Some reports hinted that Evans had called off the wedding just 24 hours before it happened because of this fight.

However, on Instagram, the "Teen Mom 2" star shared some beautiful wedding photos, and it sounds like the wedding did happen without a fight. Of course, Evans didn't go into details about what happened the night before, but the rumors about the wedding being called off was simply a lie. Perhaps some websites were drumming up some false rumors in hopes of driving traffic to the sites because they knew people would be searching for Jenelle's wedding details online. According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now revealing her wedding was amazing and she's proving once again that some websites cannot be trusted.

A magical day

Of course, a fight may have happened and Jenelle may have said things in the heat of the moment.

But she didn't hint that her wedding was something that almost didn't happen. Instead, she revealed that the nuptials were everything she's ever wanted - and possibly even more. There were plenty of friends and supporters in attendance, and it sounds like the MTV crew was there as well.

"Yesterday was magical. #EvansToEason #ForeverAndAlways," Jenelle Evans revealed on Instagram.

Keeping the negative away

Perhaps her wedding was magical because she got to control what happened. Jenelle Evans didn't invite any of her family, and Barbara knew she wouldn't be invited to the wedding. Jenelle felt that her mother was trying to ruin her life, as she kept trying to keep Jace away from her. She couldn't keep him away for the wedding, as Jenelle had the legal right to have him at her place.

Evans has revealed that she doesn't want a relationship with her mother anymore and plans on keeping Jace away from her when she does get full custody.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans getting married after hearing rumors that she called off the wedding? Are you surprised that so many people are so negative about it?