Jenelle Evans has teased various business ventures for quite some time, but she is very slow in getting new products on the market. Compared to her "Teen Mom 2" stars, Evans hasn't done much in regards to her business ventures. Her co-stars have tried everything from a t-shirt line to yogurt shops, a sex toy line to interior design blogs. Evans has revealed that she wanted to do more with her career. Even though she had gone to school, Evans has revealed that she wanted to do something that her "Teen Mom 2" fans could enjoy. She went to school for a medical profession, so it may be tough for her to create products that fit in her field.

Years after her co-stars, Jenelle published her first book about her childhood, and this weekend, she announced she was launching a makeup line.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now trying to create social media posts about makeup that are as real as possible. Of course, Leah Messer has already started her LipSense line, and Evans is now launching her own makeup line. Amber Portwood has also created makeup products to go with her ForeverHaute clothing business. This week, Jenelle started promoting the idea of a makeup line, and she used compliments from Kaiser to get fans excited.

Kaiser helping with her business

Maybe Kaiser doesn't realize it, but his compliments on his mother's lips may just help Jenelle sell more products.

On Twitter, Evans revealed that she's now wearing makeup, which is odd for some people, who are not used to seeing Jenelle with makeup on.

Maybe Jenelle is trying to get creative in how she's marketing her new product line.

Maybe she's hoping that this will indeed be something that will bring her money and wealth in the future.

Fans confused about new line

As Jenelle Evans wrote in the tweet, she wore makeup "for once," which indicates she rarely wears makeup. When she's filming "Teen Mom 2," Evans is often wearing sweat pants and hoodies. Her hair is usually tied up in a bun, and she never has anything on her face.

It's not like Jenelle is known for her makeup tricks or skills, so when she announced she was launching a makeup line fans were confused. It almost seemed like this opportunity fell into her lap and she just decided to jump on it. Chelsea DeBoer had previously revealed that she had been approached by a company to do the same, but she turned the opportunity down.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans using her son to promote her makeup line? Do you think this will become a success?