Javi Marroquin has been upset about what he has learned on "Teen Mom 2." Javi experienced one thing when he was going through everything that had happened between him and Kailyn Lowry, but he learned new things when he was watching the show. He lashed out on social media, revealing he was tired of constantly learning new things that his ex-wife had said or done. She was already accusing him of leaking her pregnancy news, even though he claims he had nothing to do with it. In addition, he was angry when he learned that had caused her to file a protection from abuse against him.

Even though Lowry doesn't make him happy all the time, he's focusing on his friendships and his new co-star, Briana DeJesus.

This year, Briana joined the cast of "Teen Mom 2." She had been one of the girls of "Teen Mom 3," but MTV canceled that show. She had also filmed "16 & Pregnant" and fans were familiar with her story because the baby's father didn't want to be involved in the pregnancy. Even now, years later, he doesn't seem too interested in his daughter and having a relationship with her. But she does have a friend in Javi, who has been reaching out to her on Twitter. According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now asking Briana to come with him on a trip, as she's planning on evacuating the state of Florida before Irma reaches the mainland.

Florida asked to leave

Florida residents have been asked to evacuate the state before Irma is set to hit the coast this weekend. It is possible that DeJesus and her family are planning on leaving the state and Javi may be the one they get to hang out with. On Twitter, Briana reveals that she's definitely leaving the state as she doesn't want to stick around for the storm.

That's when Javi reached out to her, asking her to go on a trip together, as he has been asking her to hang out several times.

Rumors of a romance

Briana and Javi Marroquin didn't exactly make plans on social media about leaving on a trip, but he has been trying to hang out with her for quite some time.

He was also the one who invited her to "Teen Mom 2" when she was announced as the newest cast member. Even though she has two children already and lives far away from Marroquin, Javi really wants to hang out with DeJesus. Several fans have suggested that they try and date each other, but Briana may be more focused on her newborn daughter, Stella, and her relationship with Stella's father.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin's tweet about wanting to be with Briana? Are you surprised that he's still trying to spend time with her?