Jenelle Evans has faced many rumors and accusations about her life during the years she's been filming "Teen Mom 2." Evans has a long list of mugshots, which doesn't help her reputation. Evans wants people to know that she's a good mother, and she wants to prove to her fans that she's able to care for her Children. Even though Jenelle says one thing to fans on "Teen Mom 2," she's often entangled in rumors and stories about drug use. Fans wonder if she's trying to sell them an image on the reality show, as other stories surface on the internet from various sources and websites.

Whenever Jenelle tries to explain how everything works, fans don't believe her. She seems to have an explanation for everything.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing she's done trying to explain everything to fans on her Twitter account because they never believe her anyway. Of course, Evans doesn't have to discuss her personal matters on social media if she doesn't want to, but sources tend to talk for her if she doesn't share her side of the story. On Twitter, Evans reveals that she's done trying to explain anything anymore because she is being accused of lying no matter what she says.

New drama with her kids

Her comment about not saying anything has to do with the recent reports about her children, Ensley and Kaiser.

While Ensley was supposedly born with THC in her system, proving that Jenelle Evans was smoking marijuana during the pregnancy. Kaiser was supposedly sunburned severely. Pictures surfaced online revealing that he had red arms next to his bare and pale body. It's clear that Evans may make some mistakes as a mother, but some people may be too critical of her.

Based on her tweet, it doesn't sound like Jenelle is taking this too seriously. She laughed in the tweet, revealing that she's done trying because she's constantly labeled as a liar.

Perhaps she doesn't think that people truly want to know the truth.

Will she leave the show?

Evans has revealed that she's tired of the producers always making her seem like she's an unfit mother. Evans has often threatened to leave "Teen Mom 2," but has never followed through on her promise. Last summer, she wanted to start her own show using YouTube, but she never got started on that either. It sounds like she's sticking with the show for now.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' tweet about being done with her critical followers? Do you think she could explain her side of the story without being labeled a liar?