Jenelle Evans is sharing her custody drama on "Teen Mom 2" and fans saw how the dramatic court date when down when she faced her mother in court over Jace. Back in May, Evans revealed that she was going to court with her mother to see if she would finally be able to bring Jace home with her. Jenelle had been arguing with her mother over who should get Jace, as she was ready to take Jace under her wing and be his mother full-time. Barbara Evans felt differently, as she decided to fight her daughter in court. On "Teen Mom 2," fans saw how the judge ruled in Barbara's favor and she got permanent custody of the little boy.

But Jenelle did gain something out of the deal, as she now has her son every second weekend and two weeks during the summer.

Jenelle Evans was shocked that her mother was trying to keep Jace from her. She was willing to fight her daughter in court over the drama, as Evans sat crying. All she wanted was her son, and her mother was doing everything possible to ensure that Jace stayed with her. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that things have not improved between her and her mother. In fact, Jenelle doesn't see her mother as her family. On "Teen Mom 2," Evans revealed that she would call her Barbara from now on, no longer mom.

No longer family

On Twitter, Jenelle Evans reveals that she's dedicating a song to her mother and she's sad that she's still considered family.

It sounds like things have not improved since the court date. Many fans had hoped that Barbara would work towards giving Jace back to Jenelle, but she's determined to keep Jace from her daughter. She blames David, as Jace supposedly claims he's scared of fiance David Eason.

Evans is getting married this Saturday and the wedding falls on a day where Jenelle Evans has Jace.

In other words, Barbara won't be able to keep him away from her on her wedding day. This was something she had strategically planned, as she isn't able to keep him away from Jenelle.

Court case settled all

On "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle Evans learned the outcome of the court case. She was devastated to learn that Jace was permanently living with her mother, but she was happy that the judge put strict guidelines in place so she can't keep Jace away from his mother.

She has strict rules in regards to what she can do and where she needs to bring Jace for drop-offs.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' comments on Twitter? Are you surprised that she doesn't see her mother as her family?