Barbara Corcoran and Keo Motsepe danced a tango to "Whatever Lola Wants" by Sarah Vaughan on the second night of "Dancing with the Stars." They received much better scores than they did last week. Their score last week was only 14 points out of 30. The judges gave them better marks for their second dance, and their score did go up a little. Each judge gave them one point higher than last week, and they received a score of 17 out of 30 on Monday, September 25.

They were the first couple to be eliminated based on last week's judges' scores and viewers' votes.

That's why it so important for viewers to vote for those they want to keep in the competition. Apparently, Barbara doesn't have a large fan base.

About Barbara and Keo

Corcoran, “Shark Tank” entrepreneur, was the oldest competitor this season. The 68-year-old star was paired with Keo Motsepe, who has the record of being one of the first pros to be eliminated. He has been a pro for seven seasons, and the 27-year-old South African dancer is often paired with older women. In this case, Barbara said she asked to be paired with him.

This is the second time he has been the first to be eliminated. In previous years, he was eliminated after the first, second, and third weeks. Once he did keep dancing up until the eighth week.

Keo is qualified and is a very good dancer, but somehow he doesn't get dancers with very much potential. After elimination, his partner leaves the ballroom, but Keo usually sticks around and dances with the troupe.

Other Sharks

Two other investors from "Shark Tank" have competed on the ABC dance show, and they stayed much longer than Corcoran.

Robert Herjavec competed in 2015 with partner Kym Johnson. They ended up in the sixth place and were married a year later. Mark Cuban danced in 2007 with Kym Johnson. They ended up in the eighth place. Now the three investors can compare notes about their experiences on "Dancing With The Stars."

'Ballroom Night'

Monday night's theme was "Ballroom Night" and the contestants performed popular ballroom dances such as the tango, quickstep, foxtrot, and waltz.

There will be another elimination on Tuesday night based on those dances. Hopefully, Terrell Owens has a better fan base than Corcoran. He and his partner Cheryl Burke were in jeopardy along with Barbara and Keo.

Even though Barbara and Keo met their fate during the first elimination, three contestants ended up at the top of the leaderboard in a three-way tie. Victoria Arlen, Jordan Fisher, and Vanessa Lachey all received a score of 24.

It was no surprise that Barbara was going to be eliminated first; however, it is hard to guess who will be next. Since Terrell Owens was in jeopardy on Monday night, it could be him unless he received a lot of votes that were added to the judges' score of 20 out of 30.