Javi Marroquin may have learned that life is pretty good when you are filming a reality show. Ever since he started dating Kailyn Lowry, he learned what life was like in front of the cameras. He got more fans on social media, more people reached out to him, and the paychecks from MTV were life-changing. Of course, there are some downsides to being in the public eye, but it sounds like the goods are outweighing the bads. This "Teen Mom 2" star may already be thinking about filming other reality shows because he recently revealed that he was on his way to the top.

According to a new Instagram post, Javi Marroquin recently shared a picture of him in front of the cameras again and this time it wasn't on location with "Teen Mom 2." Perhaps he has been offered another reality show gig, as he recently wrapped "Marriage Boot Camp." Maybe Marroquin was offered something while filming that. His ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, hasn't tweeted anything. She has been busy caring for her newborn son.

Can't stop him now

"I'm 24, only getting better, can't stop me now," Javi Marroquin wrote on Instagram while sharing a picture of himself in a chair in front of a green screen. It's possible that he was filming an interview for another reality show. Of course, Javi has filmed several reality shows over the past couple of months, as he has wrapped "Teen Mom 2" and done "Marriage Boot Camp" with his now ex-wife, Kailyn.

Perhaps he has been offered something else. It is also possible that he has been offered a special from MTV called "Being Javi." Many of the other "Teen Mom" stars have been doing specials about them, so fans can see what else is happening in their lives. But several fans of the show did write to Javi, asking him if he was now dedicating his young life to reality television.

One can assume that the money is attractive, especially when he has a little son at home.

"What happened to your dream of being a police officer? Looks like your just headed for Reality TV," one fan questioned him, but Marroquin never replied.

Other priorities

One can imagine Javi Marroquin has other priorities now that he's famous.

Maybe he isn't willing to go the distance with his dream of being a police officer. Maybe he has other doors available to him now that pay a lot more. Of course, he has a son he has to care for, and his career decisions may be influenced by his son.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin possibly filming another reality show? Do you think he has given up on his dreams?