Jana Duggar, the eternally single eldest Duggar girl, has squashed the hopes of legions of "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" fans who were hoping that this was finally the time for her to announce a courtship. For the past several weeks, fans have been placing her with Jacob Wilson, a family friend, because the pair has been pictured together several times. Other members of the Wilson family have been photographed with the Duggar girls as well, which had lead to speculation that perhaps Jana was in a courtship with his brother Caleb. Unfortunately for fans, the rumor was shut down today by Jacob Wilson himself, letting fans know that the pair were not romantically linked to one another.

Jacob addresses the rumors

The rumors that Jacob and Jana are an item have been floating about for the past couple of weeks. While Jacob remained silent for quite a while, he finally spoke out today on Instagram. According to Jacob, he wanted to "clear the water" and let fans know that the media had to spin a story to get something to sell. Instead, he says, "don't believe everything you read." He did go on to say that he had been friends with the Duggars for 21 years, which is probably why Jim Bob Duggar gave him several hundred dollars to help complete his mission work. Jim Bob giving him money had been one of the reasons many Duggar fans and critics suspected that the pair were dating, thinking he wouldn't just give that kind of money away to just anyone.

They may be right, but it looks like Jacob isn't necessarily looking to be with the any of the Duggar women anytime soon.

Fans continue to speculate when Jana will find love

At 27, Jana Duggar is approaching spinsterhood. Not by any "regular" standards of modern society, but by the standards of her own family. Her younger sister, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth, at just 19, recently got married to a family friend, leaving Jana home with her mother to do most of the chores.

Some suspect that Jana will remain at home in order to help her mother with the younger kids, while some critics of the Duggar family have suspected that Jana might actually be a lesbian. This notion is very touchy for some of the more conservative Duggar fans, and would certainly not be accepted by the Duggar family if true. But many wonder if Jana has been sequestered into the house in order to make sure that she doesn't participate in any lesbian trysts and bring down the family name.