It is almost time for a new season of "Grey's Anatomy" and it turns out that one doctor is not coming back again next season. TV Line shared the details about who won't be back next season and how this could change things on "Grey's Anatomy." Lucky for fans, it is someone they like but not a fan favorite like Meredith Grey or Alex. When Sandra Oh moved on from the show, it was really hard for a lot of fans to deal with and get used to the idea.

A doctor is moving on

Last season, everyone got to know Dr. Leah Murphy and it turns out that she won't be back next season at all.

Fans are surprised to hear that she isn't returning, though. Leah won the viewers over. Multiple sources have been sharing that Leah Murphy, played by Tessa Ferrer hasn't been on the set at all and filming has been underway for a bit. The source even said that there are no plans for her to show up either.

At this time, ABC is not commenting on the fact that she won't be back again. They may just act like she moved on or there may be a bit of a story line about her leaving the show. This news came out today and is pretty surprising because there were no clues at all that she would be gone.

Dr. Leah Murphy's storyline

She started the show in season nine and things were going well but in season 10 she ended up getting fired for being a bad surgeon.

Last season she came back again and was starting a love story with Arizona, but now that is going to be over. That will leave Arizona single once again. There have been rumors that Sara Ramirez would return as Dr. Callie Torres, but it doesn't sound like that is actually happening either. The fans have really never gotten over the fact that Arizona and Callie aren't together.

A lot of things are going to change this season. Now that it has been revealed that Owen Hunt's sister is still alive this is going to shock everyone. Teddy is also going to be back this season for a while, but not the entire time. Stephanie and Eliza are both gone as well after this season. It does sound like Owen Hunt's storyline is going to be a big one this season with all of the changes going on.

The fans have been waiting on "Grey's Anatomy" to return for a while now and in just a few short weeks it will be back.

Are you shocked to hear that Tessa Ferrer will not be back on "Grey's Anatomy" for next season? What do you think about this decision? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss "Grey's Anatomy" when it returns to ABC. The show will be back on September 28 with new episodes.