The latest updates and spoilers for "Gotham" Season 4 will feature the demon's head Ra's al Ghul as the new main villain of the show. Showrunner John Stephen confirmed that Jada Pinkett Smith will not reprise her role as Fish Mooney this season.

The 'Demon's Head' for season 4

Cast member David Mazouz announced that the leader of the League of Shadows, Ra's al Ghul will be the main villain of "Gotham" season 4 as he told Rotten Tomatoes that the latter will subject Bruce Wayne to the most horrific mental torture he will ever experience. But before he would face the demon's head, Bruce will first go up against Penguin in the first half of the season.

The promotional trailers of the show's fourth season featured Bruce's slow transformation into Batman as he begins fighting crime wearing a black leather suit and mask. Not only will Bruce face criminals and thieves in Gotham, the latter will also have to deal with the city's police force and his friend and future ally, Jim Gordon.

Mazouz also discussed Alexander Siddig's take on Ra's al Ghul and described the latter's performance as the evilest version of the character adapted into media.

"Yes, absolutely. I would say this is the most evil Ra's al Ghul, " Mazouz said. "This is the Ra's al Ghul that will do awful, awful, very, very controversial things that I'm surprised they're letting us do on national television."

Ra's was first introduced in season 3 and has manipulated Bruce into killing Alfred Pennyworth in order to "complete" his training.

Luckily, Alfred survived the encounter and this led to Bruce to pursue a life of a vigilante as he tries to save Gotham from its corruption and evil.

Fish Mooney's return not happening

Executive producer John Stephen announced that Jada Pinkett Smith will not reprise her role as Fish Mooney in "Gotham" season 4 as he told ComicBook that the latter's death was her final blow in the show.

Fish Mooney debut as an original character for the show and was responsible for Oswald Cobblepot's transition into the Penguin. She was an ally to Don Falcone before she tried to kill him in season 1. She was presumed dead in the first season finale after Penguin pushed her off a building into the city's bay but she survived and became Hugo Strange's lab experiments in season 2.

Fish developed mind-manipulating powers and led a metahuman army in the city.

The character's absence in the fourth season was a decision made out of necessity due to the number of villains present in the show like Catwoman, Riddler, Solomon Grundy, Scarecrow and more.