Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" are suggesting the possibility of a shocking new romance. They tease that the love which Valentin and Lulu share for their daughter may bring them together as a couple. At this present time, there does not seem to be any way that such a union is possible because Charlotte's parents can barely stand to be in a room together. Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that the uncle and sister of Nicholas Cassadine have had a few moments recently, where they looked at each other a little differently. If the mutual admiration continues, it's not a stretch for their feelings to grow.

Nicholas Cassadine could be key to Lulu and Valentin getting together

The one thing that Charlotte's parents have that divides them, is Nicholas Cassadine. Ava Jerome witnessed Valentin shoot his cousin who was also Lulu's brother. His body was never found and for this reason, Valentin insists he is innocent. Lulu and her mother Laura love Charlotte but loathe her father. The animosity between these two softened a little last week and it was because of their little girl.

Charlotte told her papa about a classmate who may possibly have scoliosis. Valentin dealt with this same disease, so he recommended Shriners Hospital for the child. Lulu decided that as Charlotte's mother she would accompany her daughter and Valentin to the hospital and be supportive for the friend.

While there Lulu saw a softer side of her child's father and they decided it best to have joint custody of the little girl.

There is still one thing that stands between them, and that is the fact that Lulu believes Valentin shot and killed her brother. Should rumors be true and Nicholas Cassadine turn out to be alive, this would remove the barrier as these two work together to co-parent their daughter.

Otherwise, there does not seem to be a way for Charlotte's parents to bond.

Spoilers can at times be far-fetched

Spoiler alerts at times are 100 percent accurate, and on other occasions completely off base. Pairing Lulu and Valentin sounds like an impossibility, but you never know. Should any feelings develop between Charlotte's mom and dad, it would cause Dante and Nina to be devastated.

Laura has so much animosity towards her granddaughter's papa that she would probably lose her mind if Lulu hooked up with him.

Eventually, something will have to shift, because things cannot go on indefinitely with this statemate between Lulu and Dante and Nina and Valentin Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. on ABC. Read spoiler alerts with a grain of salt and keep an open mind.