Game of Thrones” official YouTube Channel just dropped an epic animated short on September 14. The animated clip features the glorious rise and the epic downfall of Valeria and Aegon’s sojourn of the Narrow Sea to Dragonstone.

Interestingly, many fans presume that this is HBO’s early hint for its upcoming “Game Of Thrones” spin-offs when the series ends sometime between 2018 and 2019. Apparently, it makes “GOT” fans happy since the four-minutes-and-thirty-seconds feature captures the fantasy and might of the glorious Valyrian Empire and Aegon’s conquest of Westeros, respectively.

If HBO truly decides to have “The Doom of Valyria” and “Aegon’s Conquest of Westeros” storylines for its spin-off debut, here are the plots to anticipate.

Valyria’s Last Scion: House Targaryen

This is where the world of “Game Of Thrones” series begins – the ancient civilization of Valyria. This civilization is a curious thing and it opens up a lot of questions. According to the books, Valyria’s foundation is fire, sorcery and dragon mastery.

Hopefully, HBO will put in detailed scenes on what happened back then that led to the event popularly known as “The Doom.” This event led to the demise of the greatest civilization ever known. Only stories are known about it but the reality that trampled down such powerful kingdom remains a mystery and that makes it even more appealing to the audience.

History of the Seven Kingdoms

“The Doom” failed to exterminate the Valerian populace and their dragons. The House Targaryen, the last scion of Valyrian Empire, survived and crossed the Narrow Sea westward. They nested in the dry and barren lands of Dragonstone. People ask why the Targaryens settled there and how they build castles from brittle and glass-like stones.

No one knows the answers. But what history tells us is that it led to Aegon’s conquest of Westeros which started the “Game Of Thrones.”

Does “GOT” spin-offs make you excited? Watch the animated short below and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Short FAQ

For those who started to fancy “Game Of Thrones” as a television series, the entire show is based on George R.R.

Martin’s book series called “A Song of Fire and Ice.” Admittedly, the showrunners of the series slightly deviated from Martin’s storyline by taking off some plots and evicting characters off the script to minimize the airtime costs.

In addition, the book series itself isn’t finished yet. The book fans are still waiting for another installment called “Winds of Winter” to arrive. In the meantime, the “Game Of Thrones” crew reportedly has started the production for season 8, which means its ending could be different from that of the book.