Farrah Abraham decided to end her relationship with Simon Saran on the previous season of "Teen Mom OG" even though she had been open to dating him for a while. The two had broken up a while back, but Farrah kept in touch with him for months because she felt they were good friends. He kept being in her life and they would see one another when she was in Los Angeles. But Abraham realized that she deserved much more than he was giving her and she was ready to start dating again. On "Teen Mom OG," she started dating and she's now revealing that she's putting herself first.

In a retweet that she shared, she reveals that it is alright for her to cancel plans, skip the gym and do all kinds of things for herself as it is all part of self-respect.

According to a retweet, Farrah Abraham now revealed that she's putting the focus on herself and her life. For a long time, Farrah was trying to get things to work out with Simon, and that resulted in her always waiting for things to happen. She wanted an engagement ring, she wanted to get married and she wanted him to move closer to her. But he was showing no interest in making things work with her. She was tired of waiting and she broke up with him a few months ago. It sounds like he hasn't been around too much since she closed the door on their relationship on "Teen Mom OG."

Putting herself first

Of course, Farrah Abraham is known for putting herself first.

On the show, fans think that she has little respect for her own mother and they all predict that Sophia will take after her own mother. They all believe that she will start treating Abraham the way she has treated her own mother. But for Farrah, it's all about putting herself first no matter what people say about her.

The retweet, which was an original tweet from Chance The Rapper, Farrah Abraham essentially revealed that it's okay to say no to others to say yes to herself.

Based on the tweet, it sounds like Farrah feels that saying no to friends who want time with her is a way of giving herself self-respect.

Careers and boyfriends

These days, it sounds like Farrah Abraham is all about her career and finding a boyfriend. As she revealed on "Teen Mom OG," she launched three companies in six months and she has worked hard to make them a success.

However, Farrah also wants a partner to enjoy her success with, but because of her past experiences and choices, it sounds like Abraham has a tough time choosing the right guys.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham's tweet about self-respect?