The latest updates and spoilers for "Deadpool 2" will feature the production team finishing filming the sequel and Wade Wilson and Cable leading the "X-Force."

Sequel's production finished

20th Century Fox announced that "Deadpool 2" and "New Mutants" movies have just finished filming this week. The production team of "Deadpool 2" was able to finish in record time despite the unfortunate setback during filming when a stunt driver died in a motorcycle accident. That led to its temporary shutdown.

The sequel will introduce new characters Cable and Domino into the "X-Men" film franchise and several behind-the-scenes photos hinted that Wade Wilson will fight the Mutant Response Team and Juggernaut.

Jack Kesy is rumored to play Cain Marko in the movie after the actor was spotted wearing a motion capture suit with a head gear designed to increase a person's height while filming. Fans are also hoping that the sequel will feature a fight scene between Juggernaut and Colossus.

The presence of the MRD also teased a very dark future for mutant-kind and Cable will travel to the past to prevent it from happening with the help of the Merc with the Mouth. Ryan Reynolds teased that time travel will play an important concept in the movie and he will reveal further details about it soon.

Deadpool and Cable, leaders of X-Force?

Fox officially announced that "10 Cloverfield Lane" director Drew Goddard will helm and write the script for the "X-Force" movie, and Deadpool and Cable will serve as leaders of the mutant black-ops team.

According to Deadline, "X-Force" will focus on Cable and Deadpool leading a dark incarnation of the X-Men consisting of the most dangerous mutants on the planet to stop a far more greater threat. Cable originally led the X-Force team in the comics after he took over the New Mutants and renamed it. Deadpool joined Wolverine's version of the team as they take on missions that require deadly force.

Fans have speculated that the events of "Deadpool 2" will set up the plot of "X-Force" and the spinoff will introduce Cable's daughter, Hope Summers and the evil psychic mutant Stryfe in the X-Men franchise.

While the members of the team in the film have not been announced, fans will certainly see Domino with Cable and Deadpool since she has been featured in several incarnations of the group. Other team members that fans want to see in the film include Psylocke, Arcangel, Fantomex, Warpath, Wolfbane, Elixer, Vanisher, and X-23.