"Days of our Lives" spoilers for the end of the week reveal that there will be a lot going on with the doppelgangers in Salem. As many "DOOL" fans already know, Hattie Addams has already been caught and arrested for her part in the scheme, and has revealed that the late Angelica Deveraux was the mastermind behind it all. However, there is still one more doppelganger running loose in Salem.

Bonnie begs Hattie not to rat her out

After Bonnie finds out that Hattie has been arrested, she'll become very nervous. It seems likely that Hattie could tell the Salem police everything, and reveal that Bonnie has been posing as Adrienne Kiriakis while the real Adrienne is behind bars, where Bonnie belongs.

"Days of our Lives" viewers will see Bonnie beg her old friend Hattie not to rat her out and let her continue to carry on her part of the plan, which is to get revenge on Maggie Kiriakis. It seems that Hattie has nothing to gain from telling everyone about Bonnie and Adrienne's swap, but Hattie has proven to be unpredictable and erratic in the past, so it is hard to tell what she might do, or when she may do it.

Marlena gets a piece of the puzzle

Meanwhile, Marlena, who is trying to get Hattie to spill the beans on who she's been working with, will learn some interesting news. Marlena's son, Eric Brady, will tell his mother about the strange therapy session he walked in on Hattie having with Adrienne.

Could this mean that "Days Of Our Lives" fans will see Marlena begin to put two and two together and realize that either Adrienne has something to do with the situation, or that she's been swapped out for a doppelganger as well? Many "DOOL" watchers are getting bored with the look alikes and are ready for the storyline to be dead and gone.

However, it does seem that Bonnie will be sticking around for awhile longer, so fans who don't like the plot will have to suffer through awhile longer.

Big returns come to 'DOOL'

Meanwhile, other "Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that there are some major characters set to return to Salem in the future. Not only will Will Horton and Ben Weston return in September, but Sami Brady is also set to make a short comeback.

In addition, Jack Deveraux, Billie Reed, Vivianne Alamain, and Kristen DiMera will also be making their highly anticipated return to the NBC soap opera. Sami's return is being rumored to have something to do with Will's situation, and could even possibly lead to the return of the character of EJ DiMera, which many fans would be excited to see.