"Bachelor in Paradise's" danielle Lombard is spilling dirt on Vanessa Grimaldi's ugly side. The former "Bachelor" contestant of Nick Viall's season revealed in a Reddit AMA posted on Tuesday that some of the most dramatic moments occurred when the cameras weren't rolling. What's Lombard telling fans? One of her stories was backed by Reality Steve earlier this year. He suspected one of the scenes wouldn't be aired and Danielle touches on that. See what she has to say!

What Lombard witnessed

Danielle talked about an incident that erupted between Vanessa Grimaldi and Rachel Lindsay while they were filming "The Bachelor." She claims that Vanessa called Rachel something "extremely derogatory" and had to be separated from the others on the show.

Lombard didn't reveal what Grimaldi called Lindsay, but she alleges it was "bad."

Reality Steve wrote in his blog back in February that Vanessa Grimaldi wasn't a popular girl among the cast and that there was a confrontation between her and Rachel. Details of the feud were unclear, but Steve did inform his readers that it was a big deal. For whatever reason, it was broadcast on the show. It may not have fit into the direction that the show was taking for Nick's season.

Danielle's own problems with Vanessa now out

Danielle Lombard had her own problems with Vanessa Grimaldi as well. Danielle declares that Vanessa "stabbed" her in the back and tried to get everyone to "hate" her. She says that when she was on her date with Nick, Vanessa would talk behind her back and all the while Danielle thought they were friends.

After that, Vanessa began targeting Rachel.

Why did Nick really break up with Danielle?

A Reddit user asked Danielle if Nick broke up with her on the show because Vanessa didn't like her and she said it "definitely played a factor" in it. Vanessa allegedly reached out to all of Danielle's friends, but never apologized to her directly.

Lombard shares that she thinks the reason Nick deleted an Instagram photo of them together had to do with it bothering Vanessa.

It seems that Vanessa wasn't a favorite of Danielle for sure. Vanessa and Nick Viall broke up recently because they are going on two different paths. They tried to make it work, but they weren't able to make things mesh. Vanessa plans to stay in Montreal with her family friends, and Nick remains in Los Angeles.

Are you surprised to hear what Danielle Lombard had to say about Vanessa Grimaldi?