D'Andra Simmons may be new to "The Real Housewives of Dallas" but she has known Leeanne Locken for years. Many of the housewives have no interest in spending time with LeeAnne because she couldn't control her anger during the first season of "The Real Housewives of Dallas." She freaked out at the housewives last year, and she even threatened to kill one of them. While she may have said things in anger, it was enough to scare the ladies. It was therefore surprising that Brandi Redmond became close with Locken when her own friendship with Stephanie Hollman hit the rocks.

But LeeAnne does have a friend in D'Andra, who has no problem telling her what she really thinks.

According to a new report, D'Andra Simmons is now revealing why she has no problem speaking her mind to Locken. Simmons thought that LeeAnne was doing the wrong thing when she showed up to Stephanie Hollman's Halloween party as a two-faced version of the host. Stephanie's husband almost kicked her out, and D'Andra understands why. It was rude what she did, and LeeAnne is clearly just looking for trouble.

Straight shooter

In her blog, D'Andra Simmons reveals that she's a straight shooter and she has no problem telling Locken what she truly feels. This is how their friendship has survived over the years.

As fans saw on the show, Simmons has no problem telling her friend exactly what she feels about her schemes. D'Andra revealed that Locken's plans for the Halloween party were downright stupid.

"She takes it from me, because she knows that I come from a place of love in my criticism of her. I truly want to see her do well and achieve all of her goals, and I genuinely would like the other ladies to be able to get to know the true LeeAnne, the one that is my best friend," D'Andra Simmons writes in her Bravo blog, revealing that Locken respects her opinion even though she may not say what she thinks LeeAnne wants to hear.

Family business

Of course, D'Andra Simmons is dealing with her own issues that are not related to "The Real Housewives of Dallas" co-stars. She has been trying to convince her mother that she's ready to take over the family business and she has been begging her mother for more responsibility. However, her mother doesn't seem to trust Simmons with the responsibility.

What do you think of D'Andra Simmons' comments that she and LeeAnne Locken are good friends? Are you surprised that she can say something to LeeAnne and still have her respect?