D'Andra Simmons is brand new to "The Real Housewives of Dallas" and she has made quite the impression when it comes to viewers. She's a businesswoman, she's a wife, and she's a stepmother. As fans learned after watching last week's episode of the show, Simmons is also someone who has a problem controlling her temper. D'Andra wasn't happy when she learned that her stepson Keatin would be packing his bags and leaving Dallas behind after having lived there for a few months. He never gave a school a chance, even though D'Andra and her husband had registered him.

They wanted him to succeed and she felt he gave up. On "The Real Housewives of Dallas," D'Andra lost her cool and she's now revealing whether things have improved between them.

According to a new report, D'Andra Simmons is now revealing that she and Keatin have worked on their issues. When they got into the screaming fight, Simmons had hoped to talk Keatin into giving it another shot. But he had plans of moving out that same night and things quickly changed. They didn't really have time to discuss what had happened or let the tensions simmer a bit before he moved out.

Stronger than ever

In her Bravo blog, D'Andra Simmons reveals that she and Keatin are stronger than ever. She reveals that she and her husband went to South Carolina to visit him and he feels more at home there.

Perhaps it was the right decision for him to leave Dallas, but it was painful for D'Andra to see him leave.

"Keatin, Jeremy, and I are in a great place now. In fact, we were able to visit with him just last week in South Carolina and we had a blast!" D'Andra Simmons writes in her Bravo blog, revealing, "All is good in the Lock family now and we are all LOCKED IN LOVE once again!"

Keatin has yet to speak out about the subject, but it is possible that the cameras for "The Real Housewives of Dallas" were too much for him.

Maybe this is why he chose to leave, as he didn't want his personal life on a national television show, especially since he didn't think that Dallas was truly for him.

Family business

Now that Keatin isn't living with her anymore, Simmons can focus on her family business once again. On "The Real Housewives of Dallas," D'Andra revealed that her mother doesn't want to let go of her power in the business so her daughter can take over.

She's concerned about the direction that D'Andra would take the company if given a chance to make decisions.

What do you think of D'Andra Simmons' comments about her stepson Keatin and their relationship today?