Amber Portwood was furious when she learned that Matt Baier might have expressed a sexual interest in other women when they were dating. She was so angry that she lashed out at him in the examiner's room before being escorted out by the MTV producers during an episode of "Teen Mom OG." For years, her fans had encouraged her to break up with him because they felt he wasn't the right one for her. This anger came from him hitting on Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans on Twitter before reaching out to Amber. She didn't know this before they were planning their wedding and she decided to postpone their big event.

She eventually canceled everything

According to her Instagram account, Amber Portwood is posting all kinds of things after her split with Matt, including how she's spending time with her daughter. But Matt hasn't been nearly as active on social media. One of the last things he tweeted on Twitter was him calling attention to a Hurricane Harvey relief fund, where people could donate money to help those in need.

In Las Vegas

On Instagram, Matt revealed he had been in Las Vegas for the big fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Many of his followers thought that he was faking his Instagram posts, as they looked fake. One person even hinted that the picture he had posted looked like it was taken from a television screen.

Baier hasn't posted anything on Instagram since then. Maybe it's because fans are so judgmental of him.

Bad last image

The final image that fans have of Matt is him doing the lie detector test on "Teen Mom OG." Here, Amber learned that he had indeed made sexual advances towards another woman and she freaked out. She was furious at him because she felt like she had given him everything.

Just last year, Matt was able to publish a book about his life. This is something that wouldn't have been possible - or even interesting - if it wasn't for his role on "Teen Mom OG." His role on the show wouldn't even be in existence if it wasn't for Amber.

In addition, fans heard how Matt Baier called into the reunion special, where Amber Portwood accused him of stealing money from their shared savings account.

She reveals thousands of dollars were gone, and she no longer trusted him. Amber was furious and lashed out at him. These days, she's already in a new relationship, and it sounds like she wants nothing to do with Matt.

What do you think happened to Matt Baier? Do you think he has learned his lesson about burning Amber Portwood in public?