Thomas Gibson was one of the cornerstones of Criminal Minds and when CBS fired him in August 2016, fans started a massive protest by not watching the show unless the actor returns. Gibson had an altercation with one of the writers of the episode that he was directing, but he later issued an apology. He explained that the dispute was the result of their creative differences. Fans even signed a petition in order to get him back on the show but what has now been making rounds on the Internet is the massive #NoHotchNoWatch campaign.

The boycott continues

“Criminal Minds” Season 13 returned on September 27, but that did not stop Gibson fans from making noise on Twitter that they are still boycotting the show without Hotch. The producers and showrunners have been criticized for the show’s insane cast shake-ups. When the 13th installment premiered last night, fans started yet again a massive feast on Twitter to show their support for Hotch. Most of them feel that the actor was treated unfairly and should have been given a chance as one of the show’s biggest foundations. “I will always [StandByThomasGibson]. He is the only reason I ever watched that show and without him, there is no reason to,” one fan wrote.

Fans hate Season 13’s debut title

When it was revealed that the debut title of “Criminal Minds” Season 13 was “Wheels Up,” Gibson’s avid fans quickly took to Twitter to express their disappointments.

Apparently, the title is known as Hotch’s catchphrase and most of them feel like the producers are trying to insult the actor. Fans said that nobody can ever take the catchphrase away from Hotch after more than a decade. The actor’s sudden departure has been a hot topic among fans, who tried to file a petition in an attempt to have him on the show again.

Does the boycott affect the ratings?

“Criminal Minds” has been one of the most popular shows since it originally premiered in September 2005. The show’s ratings have continued to do well as it continues to earn an overwhelming fanbase throughout the world. Stars like Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Joe Mantegna, AJ Cook, and more have helped the show’s success. The show may have suffered a ratings decline as a result of its cast rotations in the recent season though. Season 12 ratings dropped by 12 percent when compared to the previous season and some fans claim that this is because of Gibson’s termination.

“Criminal Minds” Season 13 airs every Wednesday at 10 PM PT/ET on CBS.