Corinne Olympios was one of the original cast members on this season of "Bachelor In Paradise." She and DeMario Jackson went to Mexico with the other co-stars and things quickly became hot and heated between them. On the first episode of the season, fans see how they are drinking together and how they jumped in the pool with their clothes on. There are rumors that something sexual happened, something that could be considered oral sex, but DeMario has never confirmed these rumors. Corinne, on the other hand, reveals she remembers nothing from that first day.

When "Bachelor in Paradise" shut down, her name was quickly thrown into the media. She released a statement, saying that she felt like a victim. For weeks, DeMario Jackson was labeled as someone who had done something sexual with Olympios without her consent. Many people believed her because she was a young woman who felt she had been wrongly treated by a man. But after the story has been told by the producers, by Jackson and by Olympios herself, it sounds like fans are not on her side. According to a new tweet, Corinne Olympios is now learning that fans believe she should have changed her story a while back.

Two sides of the story

Of course, there are two sides of the story and DeMario and Corinne both sat down to talk about what happened when production was shut down.

When Jackson gave his interview, people quickly jumped to his side, revealing that he was genuine in what he was saying. Corinne Olympios asked fans to please remember to listen to her side of the story, as she felt it would all make sense. Perhaps she thought fans would forgive her.

Victim status

The problem with Corinne Olympios' story is that she used the word "victim" a long time before they filmed their individual interviews.

As one fan pointed out, she should know what kind of things happen when a girl claims victim status over a man, when people know there's something sexual involved. Several people wrote to Corinne after the interview aired, revealing that they simply didn't trust her at all.

"And to say your victim statement had to do with being a victim of the media.

Give me a f'in break. You know what victim means in tht context" one person wrote to Corinne, sharing what many people wrote to her on social media.

What do you think about Corinne Olympios' side of the story? Are you surprised that she's not getting much support from "Bachelor in Paradise" viewers?