luann de lesseps shocked everyone when she filed for divorce from thomas d'agostino. The two had been married almost eight months at the time and they appeared to be doing well when they were out in public. Sadly, behind closed doors, de Lesseps felt that she couldn't trust her husband. She revealed that she would get very upset when she learned things in the press about her husband, including who he hung out with the night before. While "The Real Housewives of New York" star was very dedicated to her marriage and wanted to make it work, D'Agostino just wanted to go have fun and he didn't seem to care that Luann might learn about it in the press.

According to a new tweet, Luann de Lesseps is now speaking out about life after her second divorce. Fans are already upset with her for marrying him, as she gave up her Countess status when she got married. In addition, she married Thomas with the goal of making things work with him, while he married Luann so he could always have her at home while he flirted with his ex-girlfriends when out on the town. Since filing for divorce, Thomas has been spotted with Missy several times, but Luann is staying quiet about his behavior. She has revealed that his behavior has been very hurtful.

Feeling good

Two pictures have surfaced of Thomas D'Agostino and Missy together since she and Tom filed for divorce.

It may take some time for their divorce to be completely over as no divorce is settled quickly. Despite seeing pictures of Thomas with Missy around New York, Luann de Lesseps reveals she's doing quite well. On Twitter, she explains that it feels good to smile again and work through her feelings.

Fans of the show are hoping that Luann will open up about her divorce on the next season of "The Real Housewives of New York." Perhaps her co-stars will remind her of all the things she should have caught.

As her friends have told her many times, there were so many red flags that people are surprised she went through with the marriage.

Unknown future

These days, Luann de Lesseps may have an unknown future. While she may still be returning to "The Real Housewives of New York" next season, it is possible she doesn't want anything to do with Thomas if he comes crawling back.

On the reunion special, de Lesseps revealed that she would divorce him if she learned he had cheated. It sounds like this may be what happened.

What do you think about Luann de Lesseps feeling good about herself these days? Do you think she will come out stronger on the other side?