Footloose Madonna has gotten the itch again and is preparing to put down roots in Portugal. Having fallen in love with “the energy,” she is making the transition as she works on new music and her 4th directorial venture called “Loved”. Her last short film was released in 2013 and called “Secret Project Revolution.”

Moving around is nothing new for the Queen of pop who was born in Bay City, Michigan and later moved to New York in her teens to study dance. Apart from the U.S., she also made Wiltshire, England her home, while married to film producer Guy Ritchie.

In addition to that, she has toured the world for years, not only for her concerts but for shooting movies as well. It was during one of those tours to Portugal in 2004, that she fell in love with the country.

Being 'Loved'

In reference to her upcoming movie “Loved,” Madonna says it touches her on so many levels and each facet of the film resonates within a special place. She bases it on various causes held close to her heart such as gay and civil rights, women’s empowerment and the rise of the underdog. She admits that her film drew inspiration from and, is in fact, an adaptation of “The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells” written by Andrew Sean Greer.

Her last studio album “Rebel Heart” was released in 2015.

Before that, she released 12 studio albums, six compilation albums, four live albums, three soundtrack albums and more than 32 other limited releases. Sources say her new music will channel energy from her new environment, with her calling it a “brand new chapter in my life”.

Breaking Barriers

One of the most controversial entertainers of the past few decades, Madonna continues to push the envelope with erotic and provocative lyrics, fashion statements and political choices.

She is known as the Mother of Reinvention, always managing to stay relevant in a highly changing and challenging musical arena. To date, she has sold more than 300 million records worldwide and has a net worth of over $540 million dollars. Madonna has collaborated with several celebrities for songs and music videos including actor Christopher Walken for her “Bad Girl” video, boxing legend Mike Tyson for “Iconic”, and director Sophia Coppola for her “Deeper and Deeper” music video.

Known for getting tongues wagging, Madonna kissed both pop singers Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears on the lips, at MTV’s Video Music Awards in 2003.

Her personal life has been just as dramatic and tumultuous with her being romantically linked to several men and women including Dennis Rodman, Vanilla Ice, Warren Beatty and Sandra Bernhard. She has been married twice, once to actor Sean Penn, and the other, to director Guy Ritchie. Madonna has six children. Two of them are her biological son and daughter Rocco and Lourdes, while the other four, David, Mercy and twin sisters Esther and Stella, were adopted from Malawi.