"90 Day Fiance" stars Aleksandra and Josh have a little girl named Kaya. She has been accused several times of having the child with someone other than her husband. She does have a friend who is African-American that some people assume is the father. This week on "90 Day Fiance: What Now?" fans got an update on Aleksandra and Josh, but they didn't even show their little girl's face at all. She is now speaking out about it all and she is very insistent that the baby belongs to Josh.

All about their daughter Kaya

Josh and Aleksandra used to share a ton of photos of their daughter on social networks.

They have since quit doing that and are not posting about her at all. Anytime they posted, Aleksandra would get a ton of backlash from fans about the fact that her daughter looked like she was biracial, but both Josh and Aleksandra look white. Their daughter does have darker skin and also dark, curly hair.

One thing to remember is that Aleksandra's father is Cuban. In a picture of the two together, he looks extremely dark and nothing like his daughter. For some reason, she just looks more like her mother. This could be what is going on with her daughter and that she looks more like Alexsandra's father than her own parents.

What does Aleksandra have to say about it all?

Aleksandra is not happy about people accusing her of cheating on her husband.

This couple is still together and going strong. She went to Facebook and is speaking out. She wants everyone to know that first off she feels like it is none of their business. The thing to remember is that they put their lives on reality television so people think it is their business now. She went on telling people to ruin their own happiness and not hers.

After that Aleksandra said, "No matter what I’ll do you will hate me and think that you are right. Which is obviously not true. We did this show to show our religion. Lying is against our religion. And I’m not even talking about adultery. What in the world are you talking about? My dream was to build a happy family." Aleksandra is not going to take attacks from everyone and she just wants to be left alone about her daughter.

They will be on the show more in the future and you so maybe fans will get to see her more.

Are you shocked to hear Aleksandra speaking out about people thinking she cheated on her husband? Do you feel like Kaya is Josh's daughter? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance: What Now?" when they air on Sunday nights on TLC.