Amber Portwood did everything she could to make her relationship with Matt Baier work. She gave him several chances to explain himself when things were rough and she revealed that she really wanted things to work out between them. But after she put him through a lie detector test, Amber learned that Matt had made sexual advances towards someone else. She learned that he couldn't be trusted and she wanted out of the relationship. She felt betrayed by him, as she did quite a bit for him. Amber's fame helped him score a book deal and he got to film several seasons of "Teen Mom OG," as the two were together for three years.

Now that Amber is with a new man, fans are curious as to who he is and how he's treating her.

According to a new Instagram post, Amber Portwood seems to be doing well in her new relationship. They are currently on vacation together and it is possible that she paid for them to go away. This seems to be the issue at hand, as many of Portwood's fans are concerned that her new boyfriend may be using her for fame and money. This seems to be an unfair judgment as nothing is really known about the guy.

Not much is known

Amber Portwood hasn't officially introduced Andrew on "Teen Mom OG." She recently went public with him on the red carpet at an event and fans learned that he was a producer on "marriage boot camp." The two had bonded while she was filming the show with Matt.

The next thing fans see is them on vacation. Some people immediately thought he could be using her.

"Poor Amber, I hope he pays for everything if not he's using you," one follower wrote to her, sending out a potential warning for her.

Of course, Amber may have learned a few things from dating Matt and she may give herself some rules in regards to shared finances.

On the "Teen Mom OG" reunion special, she accused Matt of emptying out their shared bank account.

Matt Baier out of the picture

It sounds like Matt is completely out of the picture for now. Amber Portwood has moved on romantically, as she has been linked to Andrew for a few months. Even though she wanted to give Matt a second shot by going on "Marriage Boot Camp," it sounds like she changed her mind when she learned that someone on the set had a crush on her.

On social media, Matt has been absent as well for over a month. It sounds like he has no interest in sharing his world with "Teen Mom OG" fans anymore.

What do you think about Amber Portwood's Instagram posts? Do you think she should be scared about her new boyfriend using her for money?