Big Brother 19” spoilers now include the news of a surprise Eviction Ceremony taking place in the “BB19” house. The CBS live feeds went offline early on Tuesday (Sept. 12), giving producers of the show ample time to have the final five houseguests send someone else packing. The footage of that Eviction Ceremony is going to be the primary focus of the Wednesday night (Sept. 13) episode of the show.

While these “Big Brother 19” spoilers confirm that there is a new member of the “BB19” jury, it isn’t 100 percent confirmed who got sent out the front door.

If the two voters, who were Paul Abrahamian and Christmas, stuck to their plan, then it is very easy to predict who just joined Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, Mark Jansen, Matt Clines, Raven Walton, and Jason Dent in the jury house.

The ‘Big Brother’ rumors from Tuesday night

Last week, the eviction plan for this week was set in motion, making the latest “Big Brother 19” spoilers less surprising to live feed subscribers than those viewers only watching the CBS episodes. The trio of Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, and Josh Martinez worked hard to break up the duo of Jason Dent and Alex Ow. First, they succeeded in getting Jason out of the “BB19” house and then they set their sights on Alex this week.

If the current “Big Brother 19” rumors are true, then Alex Ow is already on her way to the “BB19” jury house. Alex has thought that she was going to go all the way to the end of the show with Jason and Paul, but Paul never planned on taking her to the final two. Instead, Paul convinced her to throw competitions that she could have won and then convinced Jason to do the same thing.

Why did houseguests listen to Paul and throw the HOH Competition?

Why was there a surprise eviction in the ‘BB19’ house?

The “Big Brother 19” season finale is coming up on September 20, so two more evictions need to take place before the final Head of Household Competition can get started. The pre-taped Eviction Ceremony where Alex Ow gets sent to the “BB19” jury will air during the Wednesday episode (Sept.

13) and then there will be a “live” Eviction Ceremony on the Thursday night episode (Sept. 14).

There are only four episodes left this summer before the “BB19” jury awards the $500,000 prize to the “Big Brother 19” winner. Will all the people that Paul Abrahamian got evicted decide to award him the prize for playing a great game? Or will there be a lot of bitterness due to the various lies that he told them? Those might be the most sought after “Big Brother 19” spoilers as the season finale approaches.