Catelynn Lowell has been filming "Teen Mom OG" for years and she knows that she has become the face of adoption for young people. She and Tyler Baltierra decided to give up their daughter for adoption when they were filming "16 & Pregnant," and when she gave up Carly, she became a role model for many. As she has revealed on "Teen Mom OG," the decision to give up Carly wasn't easy and she has struggled with the decision for years. On the show, they have discussed open adoption and they have shown what it is really like to deal with adoptive parents.

Of course, many of the other "Teen Mom" stars have shared interesting and unique stories and struggles, but Catelynn has definitely struggled with her emotions the most.

Many of the stars have used their huge platforms to discuss important things, such as keeping a positive attitude, launching businesses, ignoring the gossip and giving back to people in need. But none of the stars have really used their platforms to discuss important political matters. In the news, Donald Trump has made headlines about various things, and this week, he revealed that he was putting an end to the Daca bill. According to a new tweet, Catelynn Lowell isn't happy about this news and she decided to take a stand. She revealed that she stood with the Dreamers and she wants her fans to spread the love, not indulge in the hate.

Against the President

None of the "Teen Mom OG" stars have talked about who they supported in the election. Of course, they all have tremendous platforms, and one can imagine they could truly influence people if they started talking about politics. Even though Lowell hasn't talked about politics before, she's calling out the President for his bad decision in regards to DACA.

Using platform for something good

The "Teen Mom" stars are starting to use their platforms for something good.

When they were younger, they would use social media for drama and some of the stars would spread stories about their significant others. The girls would even get into verbal fights with one another as well. However, Maci Bookout recently used her social media accounts to raise money for people in Houston, while Catelynn Lowell is now using Twitter to talk politics. It is interesting to see how things are changing as these girls are growing up and maturing.

What do you think of Catelynn Lowell's decision to talk politics on social media? Do you think her tweets could influence someone to take action?