Big Brother 19” spoilers present some troubling news from Tuesday night (August 1). These latest “Big Brother 19” spoilers might also lose Jessica Graf a lot of fans, as she was very crass in statements she made against fellow houseguest Alex Ow. As seen on the CBS live feeds, Jessica didn’t pull any punches when she cussed out Alex and then went a step too far in her bullying.

The disgusting idea by Jessica Graf was for Cody Nickson and Mark Jansen to grab Alex Ow by the hair and drown her in the Jacuzzi. This disturbing chat took place late Tuesday night in the “BB19” house and online subscribers got to see it play out on the live feeds.

It was one of those moments where suddenly fear should be shown toward how Jessica acts toward people in real life.

Did Jessica Graf go too far with these comments?

Jessica didn’t stop with the idea that the trio should down Alex in the backyard; she also made several rather crass and rude comments about Alex. This isn’t information that Alex has yet, but it will be interesting to see if Mark goes to tell her a bit later. That alone could provide some exciting “Big Brother 19” spoilers on the CBS live feeds, especially if Mark tells Alex the full story.

This isn’t the first time that Jessica Graf has bullied other people in the “BB19” house and it is becoming her typical go-to tactic when something happens that she disagrees with.

She has done that a lot this week, especially after Paul Abrahamian nominated Jessica and Cody for eviction this week. It only got worse for the showmance when the Veto results were revealed.

Will production do anything about Jessica’s idea to drown Alex?

It will be very interesting to see how production views the comments made by Jessica Graf and if they will consider this to be a threat against Alex Ow.

If they do feel that Jessica was serious about her idea, which she seemed to be at the time she was gossiping with Cody Nickson and Mark Jansen, it might lead to her expulsion from the game. When CBS viewers find out about this, it is only going to lead to more disdain toward the “BB19” cast.

The next episode of the show is on Wednesday night (August 3) when the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony get shown.

A big question now is whether production shares this conversation with the CBS viewers on Thursday night (August 4) of if this becomes something they try to brush under the rug. Social media is already shouting about Jessica Graf’s perceived threat against Alex Ow, so it’s only going to get worse. If Alex does find out from Mark Jansen what happened, the next round of “Big Brother 19” spoilers could include a real fight.