Big Brother 19” rumors paint an interesting story. The “BB19” cast had to play the latest Head of Household Competition with the cameras to the live feeds turned off, which might raise a few conspiracy theories based on how it all turned out. There is a new HOH in charge, and they got there through some questionable game choices by the rest of the cast.

These particular “Big Brother 19” spoilers come from an overnight update by fan site Joker’s Updates. The site relayed a conversation that took place on the live feeds where it was explained that the other houseguests decided to throw the Head of Household Competition so that Christmas Abbott could win it.

That’s exactly what took place and Christmas is now in charge of the house.

How did the ‘BB19’ cast throw the HOH Competition?

It was reported that this particular HOH Competition was a form of the “Ready, Set, Go” challenge that has been taking place each summer. It involves the houseguests taking a spot at the starting line with one foot on a buzzer. When they see the word “Go” come up on a screen on the other side of the backyard, it is then a race to the other buzzer. The last one to make it there in each round gets eliminated.

The latest “Big Brother 19” rumors indicate that the competitors took turns faulting on the starting line, making it a very quick challenge that Christmas ended up winning.

If the information is correct that was relayed by the CBS live feeds, then Kevin Schlehuber was out first, followed by Raven Walton, Alex Ow, Paul Abrahamian, and Josh Martinez. Jason Dent didn’t get to play because he was the outgoing HOH.

What is going on with Alex and Kevin?

It would appear that most of the “BB19” cast is in on a plan to get Jason Dent evicted this week.

It will be interesting to find out why Alex Ow and Kevin Schlehuber agreed to throw the competition because that takes power out of their hands. Maybe they didn’t want to be the people who targeted Jason for eviction? Either way, he will have it figured out based on the results of the HOH Competition.

Last week, Jason Dent decided to make a bold move of his own, leaving Matt Clines and Raven Walton on the block to protect Kevin Schlehuber.

It backfired on him, though, as Matt got mad and started violating “BB19” house rules in order to keep Raven safe. Now it appears that Christmas Abbott is teamed up with Paul Abrahamian, Josh Martinez, and Raven Walton, meaning Jason and Alex Ow are in trouble. Enter the conspiracy theories, with a number of fans already complaining about social media that the game was rigged to get Christmas and Paul to the end. Are those “Big Brother 19” rumors true?