bethenny frankel is currently focusing on something major that is taking all of her time. When Bethenny learned about the devastation that Hurricane Harvey had done to Houston, she wanted to help. She decided to focus her attention on giving back through her charity, B Strong. Bethenny even traveled to the hard-hit Houston to survey the area to see what she could do. She has tried to get her fellow "The Real Housewives of New York" co-stars involved and some of them have donated money. However, Frankel is the only one who has taken the time to go see the areas for herself.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that Mexico is also in need of help. Bethenny recently packed her bags and traveled to Mexico to see what people needed help with. On social media, she went to the stores and stocked up on water, supplies and everything else that people needed in the areas where the two recent earthquakes had done the most damage. In various social media updates, Frankel opens up about how heartbreaking it is to see other people in need, especially in situations where she cannot do much.

'This is a crisis'

On social media, Bethenny Frankel has been sporting a t-shirt with the saying, "This is a crisis." It is clear that Frankel is trying to send a message as she wants to help people in need.

Her B Strong charity has been focusing on women in need, but Bethenny is now revealing that she wants to take the chance to help women in need, who have been hit by these natural disasters. It is clear that Frankel is emotional in her social media posts about the damage, as she's trying to help as much as she can.

During her time in Mexico, Bethenny Frankel reached out to her fans via Twitter, revealing that she's very thankful for the support she has received while traveling around Mexico.

She is thankful that people are there to support her and help her out.

One can imagine it's comforting to see that all of her fans are with her on social media, especially as she's going through these devastating areas and seeing people beg for help.

Still dealing with her personal life

In New York, Bethenny Frankel still has to deal with her own personal issues. Her ex-husband is facing court over his stalking and harassment charges, and Bethenny recently revealed that she had been diagnosed with skin cancer. Despite going through a surgery, one can imagine the cancer diagnosis isn't helping in regards to her emotions.

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