Anthony Moses Davis or best known as Beenie Man recently released his album titled “Unstoppable” and has been busy touring throughout Africa and Europe to promote it. He’s been one of the greatest artists of all time especially in the world of dancehall, where he was hailed as The king of Dancehall. The dancehall legend recently performed in Zimbabwe for his African Unstoppable Tour but he suffered backlash following his performance and audiences were simply not pleased with it. However, in the face of criticism, the dancehall artist is set to perform in Zimbabwe again.

Back to Zimbabwe

According to his manager Rohan Smith, the Zimbabwe government invited Beenie Man back again through the Tourism Department to perform in the country in September for their National Carnival. “[The dancehall legend] will return to Jamaica this weekend to complete back to school preparations for his children and will head back to Zimbabwe shortly after,” his manager said in a statement obtained by Dancehall Hiphop. Krystal Tomlinson, his girlfriend has also confirmed his upcoming performance in Zimbabwe. Apparently, the King of Dancehall is still heading back to the country despite the disparagement he received from his recent concert tour.

The reggae dancehall legend suffered backlash

Beenie Man, 44, this week performed in Harare at the inaugural Spring Festival at the Alexandra Sports Club in Zimbabwe for his African leg concert tour to promote his “Unstoppable” album. Unfortunately, he was booed by fans who were not satisfied with his performance and others even hurled expletives at him.

Some fans took to social media to their disappointment of the King of Dancehall’s performance. Reggae artist Ras Tonde also said that given the dancehall legend’s performance during his concert, it’s clear that it must be because of his age. He added that it wasn’t the king’s best performance especially as local deejay Winky D who performed with him did very well.

However, some fans believe otherwise and said Beenie Man is still one of the greatest dancehall artists of all time, adding that they still love him. One fan said that people were just pushing too hard on him. They can’t blame the dancehall legend for his fall out performance especially as he’s been touring since July for his Unstoppable concert tour. Some fans also said that they look forward to seeing him again in Zimbabwe and that he is always welcome to return. Apparently, it’s close to happening again as he’s already invited to perform at the National Carnival in September.

Beenie Man was born in Kingston, Jamaica in August 1973 and started roasting music at the age of five. His 1994 album “Blessed” was critically acclaimed that gained him international recognition.