Kristen Stewart has long been known for things like making her own rules and turning quite a few heads while she is at it. The star, who shot to fame via “The Twilight” series, appeared totally naked in the latest Chanel perfume ad. In the video, she can be seen promoting Chanel’s freshest innovation branded, “Gabrielle.” Stewart can be seen slowly stripping herself of bandages, only to reveal her bare, toned-out physique. Beyonce’s “Running (Lose It All),” single can be heard playing in the background.

Steward looking stunning in the ad

As described by The Daily Mail, Stewart looks “sensational” throughout the ad.

Her seductive voice can be heard murmuring, “Gabrielle,” every now and then, which may end up being an effective branding strategy. The actress is fond of fashion, and this became evident in December 2013. That year, she officially took up the title of brand ambassador for Chanel’s newest perfume campaign. Since then, the luxury brand has introduced many new products. The latest ad was directed by Karl Lagerfeld.

She wakes wrapped up in what seems to be long strips of bandages, and then starts running. As she runs, the cloth streams out behind her until she is completely naked towards the end. But as she gets bathed in light, there is no nudity shown below her shoulders and the camera focusses on her face.

The Head of Global Resources (Chanel), Mr. Thomas du Pré de Saint-Maur is of the opinion that the spotlight was made to focus on Kristen’s face because they wanted to represent the “rebel” look. The celebrity is known to play roles or characters that are usually rebel-at-heart. Kristen Stewart and Karl (Creatives, Chanel) are very close friends and the actress fondly shares the memory of the first time she met Karl, and how comfortable he made her feel.

He would make her feel like herself, and encourage her to do the right thing, Stewart revealed.

Kristen Stewart at MoMA, New York

According to a report by Vogue, Kristen Stewart made an appearance at MoMA in New York City on Wednesday, August 30. The main reason why she decided to be a part of the event was that her short film, “Come, Swim,” was airing there.

The movie serves as her directorial debut in the film industry and holds a lot of importance for her. As noted by Just Jared Jr, the actress carried an unusual appearance at the screening. She wore a leather jacket and a baseball hat, representing one of the main characters of her short film. “Come, Swim,” that was showcased at the Sundance Film Festival which took place in January 2017.