Corinne Olympios finally broke her silence on the Tuesday's episode of “Bachelor in Paradise.” The 24-year-old star opened up about the scandal that involved a sexual misconduct between her and DeMario Jackson. This resulted in an outrage. The television show was suspended and all its contenders were sent home. Now, Corinne is ready to reveal everything about the scandal and how it affects her life.

Corinne airing her side

“I would love for everyone to have a better understanding of me and my side,” Corinne Olympios told Chris Harrison, according to a report by People.

She admitted that it was hard for her at first and a hard time for her family to learn about the scandal, but she’s now doing a lot better.

To recall, in June, “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4’s production was suspended for a time after two of its producers complained about Corinne and DeMario Jackson’s sexual encounter. Warner Bros. conducted a full-blown investigation that forced the duo to retain legal counsel and the rest of the contestants to be sent home.

Corinne claimed that she was a victim and she was trying to comprehend what happened. She even said in a statement that she barely recalled what transpired that day, but it was obviously pretty serious with all the repercussions.

Explaining why she ended as a victim

After she revealed her statement, Corinne Olympios received backlash from the television show’s fans, the Bachelor Nation, and her former fellow contestants. Therefore, Corinne cleared what she meant when she said that she was a victim.

In an interview with People, Corinne explained that she saw herself as a victim because of the media’s reaction to what happened to her.

She has been judged and defined by the things she clearly knew she’s not. There were even some people giving their comments without even knowing what really occurred or went on.

“That’s what I’m a victim of,” she said. She then cleared that she never said that she was DeMario Jackson’s victim. She went on to say that Jackson had no bad intentions.

In fact, everything was good between them. However, she felt unfortunate that nobody really knew how drunk she was when the unthinkable took place.

Corinne was not blaming anyone. She repeated that she was a victim of not knowing what was happening and what she was doing at the time. “We were just really trying to get to bottom of everything,” she disclosed. In spite of that, she now feels relieved that the issue is finally closed.