DCEU's "Aquaman" will hit theaters more than a year from now and is currently in production. The upcoming film directed by James Wan ("The Conjuring," "Insidious"), stars "Game of Thrones"' Jason Momoa in the titular role, together with Willem Dafoe, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, and a slew of other Hollywood A-listers. Recently, Ludi Lin, who plays Murk in the film, opened up about his character and what audiences can expect from the upcoming superhero movie.

Ludi Lin as a 'different' Murk

In the comic books, Murk is a Men-of-War leader who, according to the "Aquaman" comic book wiki, is a warrior who was a sole survivor of the fire pits after he trained there for a period of time.

He then led the Atlantis' front-line army called Men-of-War to defend King Orm against the Fire-Trolls and Deep Six. However, in the upcoming "Aquaman" movie, it seems that viewers will get to know a different kind of Murk. According to Screenrant Actor Ludi Lin, who plays Murk, told Kiss Radio that his interpretation of Murk is "pretty different from the original conception." He added that the character had "gone through some changes." He admitted that while some people might stereotype him and his character, he's ready to challenge those perceptions. Nonetheless, he reassured fans that "[Murk is] going to be pretty remarkable as well."

How 'Aquaman' differs from other DCEU films

This year's "Wonder Woman" smashed many records with its $800 million worldwide revenue, almost reaching the revenue of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." The only difference is that viewers across the board loved "Wonder Woman." "Batman v Superman" did not receive the same response, dividing fans and moviegoers and inspiring much discussion about whether or not Zack Snyder approached the tone of the film correctly.

"Aquaman" will be released in December next year, giving them enough time to make sure that it is a hit. But for Ludi Lin, he knows one thing for sure: the film is going to be awesome. Unlike other DCEU films, this one is set in Atlantis, and Lin said, "It exists almost in a different world" and added that according to director James Wan, it's very much like "'Star Wars' underwater.'" Lin has nothing but praise for Wan as well, and it is highly unsurprising. Wan is known for hits such as "Insidious" and the "Conjuring" series. Wan's next massive endeavor, "Aquaman," arrives in theaters on December 21, 2018.