“Arrow” Season 6 will be returning in October. And if Supergirl is set to deal with her childhood flashbacks, Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) Green Arrow goes political again. The said CW series will reportedly tackle the Black Lives Matter Movement, as showrunner Marc Guggenheim revealed.

According to Screen Rant, “Spectre of the Gun” will be the vigilante’s new territory as they tackle the endless issue of gun control. A shooting incident at the city hall will encourage Oliver Queen to deal with gun control. However, he eventually realized that this issue is best handled by Starling City’s Mayor Queen and not the Green Arrow.

Flashbacks about Rene’s past

It’s not surprising that Rene Ramirez’s (Rick Gonzales) past will be the subplot for the earlier mentioned episode about Black Lives Matter Movement. He was already revealed to return for the upcoming season. It can be recalled that Rene had a terrible history with his family.

His wife died after being attacked and shot by a gun. Rene’s only child was sent to a foster home and he chose to let the situation remain that way. Each time he remembers the death of her wife, Rene believes that he could have saved her if he had a gun.

Moreover, Rene Ramirez is presently a part of Team Arrow. He was nicknamed as Wild Dog, after being dishonorably discharged from the Navy SEAL.

‘Black Lives Matter’ episode in Season 6

Marc Guggenheim revealed in an interview that he is preparing to connect the events between the topical episodes of Season 5 and his plans for Season 6. As mentioned earlier, “Arrow” will cover an episode about the Black Lives Matter movement. It centers on the people’s protest against the police brutality.

As for Guggenheim’s take on it, Season 5, episode 13 entitled “Spectre of the Gun” will reportedly give clues for the said episode. It can be recalled that Rene and Curtis (Echo Kellum) previously clashed over this issue. While Curtis was in favor of gun control, Rene was against it.

Furthermore, the end of the episode did not really establish which stand is right.

Still, both characters were satisfied with the bipartisan solution provided. It’s possible that this tactic can be used in season 6, considering perspectives of both sides. The last thing we want is to offend anyone from the show’s massive fan base.

In the end, Stephen Amell will try to develop his character’s slightly liberal side. He wants to have more resemblance to his role’s comic book version in “Arrow” Season 6.