The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 will feature a new "Green Arrow" suit and Trick Arrows in the show. Cast member Stephen Amell revealed more details about Black Siren's role and the concept of the multiverse in the sixth season.

New toys for Green Arrow

Stephen Amell announced during a Q&A session at the Heroes and Villains Fanfest that Oliver Queen will sport a new vigilante suit and a set of trick arrows in the show's sixth season. Amell also revealed that viewers will see Oliver smile a lot this season and no longer broods around like he usually does in the show.

This is a sign that Oliver has moved on with his past mistakes and he is now able to move forward, now that he is a father and sole guardian of his son, William.

The show will also see Oliver take out bad guys using a new set of trick arrows. Viewers often saw him using explosive tips, parachute, and grapple arrows and fans want to the new arsenals he will use this season.

Oliver and Team Arrow will battle a new threat in Star City in the form of Richard Dragon and executive producer Marc Guggenheim described him as a more gritty and grounded big bad, who likes to make things personal.

Richard will be bringing along his own team to fight Team Arrow on his own terms as they try to take over Star City and take out its saviors.

Season 6 teased the return of Roy Harper and Slade Wilson's son, Joe will be featured in the two-part Deathstroke episode.

"Once Upon a Time" actor Liam Hall has been cast to play Joe Wilson as the plot of the episode will have him imprisoned in Kasnia under the alias Kane Wolfman.

Black Siren and the concept of the multiverse

Amell shared his thoughts on how Black Siren will affect the dynamic of the show, now that Katie Cassidy's new role makes her a villainess of the show instead to being an ally.

"She looks like Laurel Lance, she is Laurel Lance. Laurel Lance is the most famous dead person in Star City," Amell told Entertainment Weekly.

"So eventually, at some point, if she is being reintroduced into the public life, how do we unpack that? I'm excited for that."

Kassidy admitted that she liked playing the villain role as it gave her a new way to add layers to the character that the audiences have not yet seen or learned about.

Cinemablend speculated that Black Siren's presence in this season could introduce the concept of the multiverse in the "Arrow" TV series, although the showrunners wanted to separate the show from the science fiction themes of "The Flash," "Legends of Tomorrow," and "Supergirl."

Season 6 will premiere on Oct. 19 at 9 PM on the CW Network.