“Arrow” Season 6 will return in October and the series producers have given fans an update through a new trailer.

Viewers can expect that a lot of things have changed since the incident in Lian Yu. It can be recalled that the Season 5 finale ended with a cliffhanger involving an explosion on the island. As for the confirmed return of characters, EWTV reported that Dinah Drake (Julian Harkavy) will be back as the new Black Canary.

This probably means that she did not die during the tragic events in Lian Yu. In fact, she appeared in the very first trailer of Season 6, wearing a new black vigilante outfit.

Dinah Drake creates trouble in Season 6

According to Cinema Blend, the new Black Canary will make things more complicated again for Team Arrow. Executive producer Wendy Mericle pointed out that one of the things Dinah Drake is showing off since entering the series is confidence. She cannot be considered to be a newbie in Team Arrow anymore.

However, Mericle adds, “I can tell you that that point of view and her new swagger is going to have some real consequences for the team down the road. Look out for that in the middle of the season.” It can be recalled that Dinah Drake took the place of the original Black Canary, Laurel Lance. The late Laurel Lance is portrayed by Katie Cassidy, who will return as Black Siren, her original role’s doppelganger.

When Black Canary was reincarnated through Dinah Drake, it was not easy for her to immediately fit in. She has the meta-human powers, fighting skills, and abilities as a former police officer but unfortunately, she does not have any earlier relationships with members of Team Arrow to be able to fit in.

Due to this, she even hesitates to use the Black Canary title for herself.

Nevertheless, Dinah Drake might get a little cocky when the series returns. After all, she indeed has valuable attributes and unlike the Scarlet Speedster’s Central City, metahumans are rarely found in Oliver Queen's town.

Oliver Queen and his child

TV Line reports that they are going to explore Oliver Queen’s fatherhood experience.

It will be in the spotlight of Starling City. As Mericle puts it, they can tell different political stories from this unique perspective.

I previously reported that Colton Haynes teased his future return in the series. He played the role of Roy Harper a.k.a. Green Arrow’s sidekick Arsenal. Viewers will soon find out if this comeback happens in “Arrow” Season 6.