Marvel DC scheduled the splashing release of Aquaman on December 2018. But before we get to journey underwater, upcoming Marvel movie director shares the technical difficulties that this team wrestles for underwater shoots.

The challenges of shooting underwater

Renowned director James Wan is a familiar name in the world of movie franchises. The director stood behind the cameras of blockbuster horror films including “The Conjuring,” “Saw” and “Insidious.” In 2015, the director stepped up to the major league after directing “Furious 7” that earned a whopping $1.5 billion globally.

Today, the famous director stands behind the cameras of the much anticipated Marvel DC film.

Director James Wan is now in the middle of shooting the anticipated film “Aquaman.” With the movie’s title, it is obvious that majority of the scenes will be staged under the sea. According to Hollywood Reporter, the director is not surprised that the upcoming DC movie is proving that underwater shoots are technically difficult.

Director James Wan shared some of the challenges that his team wrestles while shooting. According to Wan, working with water as well as perfecting dry-for-wet sequences are very complex. A scene of two people chatting is usually basic, but with “Aquaman,” two people chatting underwater requires ten times the effort to shoot.

Wan explained that the team has to consider several aspects. The CG on the actors’ hair, the movement of the actors’ clothes, the way the actors’ float around and the type of rigs the actors have to attach to should all work perfectly together.

The director also mentioned the extra efforts required by sticking by his commitments of shooting scenes with real actors to skip CGI as much as possible.

Wan adds that such commitment is costing his team time and patience. But the renowned director is positive that all of their hard work will pay off.

Director James Wan reveals a major 'Aquaman' location

James Wan shares one of the major locations of the upcoming DC film. In his Twitter account, the director posted a photo of Hastings Point in Australia with a caption stating that it was the movie’s iconic lighthouse location.

According to Cinemablend, the current set for Aquaman’s Amnesty Bay has a striking resemblance with the location in the comics. Amnesty is where Arthur Curry and plays a key part in the backstory of the titular character.

Aquaman will be joining fellow DC heroes as with his appearance on the upcoming “Justice League” movie that will hit theaters on November 17. Meanwhile, the titular character will take on the big screens on December 21, 2018.