America’s got talent” finalist Evie Clair, the young singer who has wowed the judges in the competition, is facing another tough battle a few days before the finals. The 13-year-old contestant’s father recently died after his battle with cancer, she announced on Twitter.

Clair tweeted that she will miss her "sweet Daddy" forever, adding that she will cherish the final moments that she had with him as she held his hand before his last breath. The tweet was dated September 7, Thursday.

Memories with her dad

Aside from the tweet, she also posted a group of photos on Instagram featuring some of the most unforgettable moments with her father.

The photos include memories from their family’s vacation, family pictures and her father’s final moments.

She wrote that the past week has been the "best and worst week" of her life, but he is thankful that his dad is a great example of being strong and being faithful. She added that she is thankful for the memories with her family, as her dad has endured the pain for years. She made it a point to express that her father is not in “a place 12 gazillion times better” than the world today, and that he is happy in that place.

Clair recalled how her father taught her to dance salsa and eat chicken wings. But most of all, she thanked him for introducing her to the Lord and to her faith. Another post on Instagram had a prayer message in the caption.

Condolences from ‘AGT’

“America’s Got Talent” expressed their condolences on Twitter after her father died last September 7. The show's Twitter account noted how they are "deeply saddened" to hear the loss of a family member of their contestant.

They added that their hearts will be with her family during this difficult moment in their life.

Clair has been very open about her father’s condition in her performances during the show. As a matter of fact, she dedicated a song to her dad during her performance in one of the episodes last June. She cried in the middle of her interview with judge Simon Cowell when she opened up about her dad.

According to the video of her performance, she shared that her father has been diagnosed with cancer about a year ago. She got the support from the judges and from the audiences who cheered for her as she sang “Arms” by Christina Perri.

The teenage singer has won the Judges Cut round and moved on to the quarterfinal rounds. She won the Dunkin’ Save for twice in a row during the quarter-finals and the semi-finals. Clair has earned a spot to perform in the final rounds and vie for the ultimate title, the Goldderby recap of the show noted.