One can ever be too sure when illness would strike, even when in good enough health to begin with. Singing-songwriting diva Lady Gaga was in the middle of her world tour promoting her fifth album “Joanne” which came out last year. But while on Rio for the Brazil leg of her engagements, Gaga, aged 31, developed some excruciating body pain that landed her in the hospital. Her performance at Barra Olympic Park was scratched as a result, but when the extent of her present condition became known, some drastic measures needed to be taken. To that end, all of her “Joanne World Tour” stops in Europe were canceled to give Lady Gaga time to recuperate.

Europe misses out

Last week’s hospitalization before she could perform at the “Rock in Rio” music festival was the second cancellation that Lady Gaga had to do in the entirety of her touring schedule this year. On September 4, she had to cancel a Montreal concert due to a bout of laryngitis, though she recovered enough to continue with two tour dates in Toronto and two more in Philadelphia. But the onset of fibromyalgia meant a long convalescence for the electro and dance-pop star, at the cost of all her European concerts for the “Joanne World Tour.”

Gaga’s grand tour of the continent would have started with two concert dates in Barcelona, Spain with the first at the twenty-first of the month.

Due to her fibromyalgia, however, Lady Gaga will be skipping all 18 European dates for “Joanne.” As a result, a massive number of Little Monsters in 14 cities across 11 countries will end up utterly disappointed at not being able to see the Mother Monster in concert. As for her missed performance last week, her spot at the “Rock in Rio” festival ended up getting filled in by Maroon 5.

Upfront about her condition

Live Nation, which promotes the “Joanne World Tour,” issued an official statement regarding the status of Lady Gaga and an explanation on why her European concerts were canceled. “Lady Gaga is suffering from severe physical pain that has impacted her ability to perform,” they said. “She remains under the care of expert medical professionals who recommended the postponement.” As for Gaga herself, she notes in her Instagram account that she has always been honest about her health, and has been diligently searching for answers to recover from her ills.

The Mother Monster is not the only celebrity with a public struggle against a medical condition. Singer-actress Selena Gomez has been fighting lupus herself for years and very recently has received a donor kidney from her best friend. A mutual acquaintance, Kesha, has wished both Lady Gaga and Selena well-wishes.